18-Fev, 2021
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  • rr

    ItzSamirrrItzSamirrrKun oldin
  • try muiti-player

    NX BlakeNX BlakeKun oldin
  • I made it to wave 20

    Caleb31612Caleb31612Kun oldin
  • hey kev ya know a youtuber made this game his name is tinyturtle

    Maricel TampingcoMaricel Tampingco3 kun oldin
  • i went wav 39

    Nevaeh ClarkeNevaeh Clarke4 kun oldin
  • Try multi-player next please

    Evelia LaraEvelia Lara6 kun oldin
  • its not easy theres boss

    Long Horse The ProtectorLong Horse The Protector7 kun oldin
  • If Godzilla in the game he be like godzilla: oh 2 hit by me ahh I can get that :)

    Gabriela IvaniaGabriela Ivania8 kun oldin
  • i am a beast

    Leonardo GarciaOrozcoLeonardo GarciaOrozco8 kun oldin
  • This game was made by my 2 fav youtube

    Jack frost 958Jack frost 9588 kun oldin
  • Yes

    Kayla KretzschmarKayla Kretzschmar10 kun oldin
  • Tiny turtle is the owner

    Yoj RahugaYoj Rahuga10 kun oldin
  • I mean the owner not the developer

    Yoj RahugaYoj Rahuga10 kun oldin
  • Yooo I'm surprised that your playing this game it was developed by tiny turtle

    Yoj RahugaYoj Rahuga10 kun oldin
  • i mad it to wave 25

    Kahu GrantKahu Grant10 kun oldin
  • What about tower defense simulator );

    Traumatised 50 years ago Anime fanTraumatised 50 years ago Anime fan10 kun oldin
  • I sub to you and liked your vid

    Eric SunEric Sun10 kun oldin
  • Can you also do a robux giveaway? I really want some robux my username is ImposterEric

    Eric SunEric Sun10 kun oldin
  • Kev I love your vids they are awsome!

    Eric SunEric Sun10 kun oldin
  • Didn't

    Nickola BaileyNickola Bailey11 kun oldin
  • This is how roblox dinos survived

    Nickola BaileyNickola Bailey11 kun oldin
  • Dow a mlty player

    Michael AubuchonMichael Aubuchon13 kun oldin
  • Please play this game again i loved the vid keep up the good vids!

    TheHedgeHogTheHedgeHog13 kun oldin

    ZamTheGamerZamTheGamer13 kun oldin
  • GamingWithKev: Rhinosauruses! Me: ... It's Trycerotops buddy

    ZamTheGamerZamTheGamer13 kun oldin
  • its goodgame

    gymnastnanixoxxogymnastnanixoxxo14 kun oldin
  • play again kev

    Souleymane BahSouleymane Bah14 kun oldin
  • thank yuo i dou

    Melissa TuckerMelissa Tucker15 kun oldin
  • Play Muitiplauer

    Oof Gam3rOof Gam3r15 kun oldin
  • Play faction defense

    Beautified By AbibaBeautified By Abiba15 kun oldin
    • yeah

      zaw khinzaw khin14 kun oldin
  • yes

    Sultan SarahSultan Sarah15 kun oldin
  • Yes. Do. It. Do. It

    Walter MorganWalter Morgan15 kun oldin
  • im lvl 300

    music lover musicmusic lover music15 kun oldin
  • Rhino - saurous LOL

    Joslyn’s world of FunJoslyn’s world of Fun16 kun oldin
  • Triceratops not riceratops

    Ly HourLy Hour16 kun oldin
  • I keep copieying GamingWithKev

    Roblox masters YTRoblox masters YT16 kun oldin
  • When you say mr dinosaur that’s a carnotoris

    Eason LiEason Li16 kun oldin
  • In the wave 7 the first dinosaur is stiiggymolig

    Eason LiEason Li16 kun oldin
  • Yes do multiplayer

    Alberto SerranoAlberto Serrano16 kun oldin
  • Kevin do multi player next

    Tarun PatelTarun Patel16 kun oldin
  • Can you multi-player next?

    •ded dinosaur••ded dinosaur•16 kun oldin
  • Hey Kevin I hope things r good. Recently we received an email about a nasty cursing message towards u and I was so surprised I wanted to write to u that it must have been a hack cause my daughter is 6 and I always watch the videos she sees and ur one of my favorite UZworld stars because ur friends and u r very entertaining and u always keep content PG. So for u to get insulted is something anyone in our family would never do. We love ur stuff Kevin keep up the good work. Forgive any misunderstanding this caused for u. Ty!

    Lindsay KlaudaLindsay Klauda16 kun oldin
    • Aw that's nice :D!

      Nwanneka OkoronkwoNwanneka Okoronkwo15 kun oldin
  • no

    sebastian solanosebastian solano16 kun oldin
  • so cool i bin watching u evry day

    Star OrnilloStar Ornillo16 kun oldin
  • I love vids from 1 day ago

    Javian KellyJavian Kelly16 kun oldin
  • The dinosaur with horns is called triceratops not rhinosaurs

    Frenchye GarciaFrenchye Garcia16 kun oldin
  • You the best youtuber

    Tara StofferTara Stoffer16 kun oldin
  • Kev makes everything better on these kind of games

    Bryson ConnerBryson Conner16 kun oldin
  • 🐱

    Nene JawaraNene Jawara16 kun oldin
  • yes

    abdulsalam ibrahimabdulsalam ibrahim16 kun oldin
  • “We got tigers and freaking rhinosarasous”

    Dylan ReyesDylan Reyes16 kun oldin
  • I love Tower defense games

    HenryHuggle PlayzzzHenryHuggle Playzzz16 kun oldin
  • You should play all star tower defence

    Kaden's ToysKaden's Toys16 kun oldin
  • hey kev your vids will be better if u put the link of the roblox game

    Prince Austine ParenaPrince Austine Parena16 kun oldin
  • Yeah multiplayer popes populi

    Luthfa MiahLuthfa Miah16 kun oldin
  • Do the blue monster thing

    Luthfa MiahLuthfa Miah16 kun oldin
  • Please

    Ralph Mervin RaymundoRalph Mervin Raymundo16 kun oldin
  • Multiplayer

    Ralph Mervin RaymundoRalph Mervin Raymundo16 kun oldin
  • i love dinos bicose ther cute

    JhonPaul DinoyJhonPaul Dinoy16 kun oldin
  • Yes kev you can

    Ramanpreet KaurRamanpreet Kaur16 kun oldin
  • Easy is harder then normal

    teoteo16 kun oldin
  • You copied flamingo

    Hasan Emre KAYAHasan Emre KAYA16 kun oldin
  • yes please bring the guys

    brianna chisholmbrianna chisholm17 kun oldin
  • This was a awesome gameplay gamingwithkev

    Marvens St vilienMarvens St vilien17 kun oldin
  • Remember lil Moco

    Cedreece ClarkCedreece Clark17 kun oldin
  • Play multiplayer plz

    II squad squad channelII squad squad channel17 kun oldin
  • When aré YOU going to play arzenal

    Tbb NkngfcTbb Nkngfc17 kun oldin
  • Get all the cash

    Tbb NkngfcTbb Nkngfc17 kun oldin
  • One thing i got carona

    Shayaan Afraz FarooqShayaan Afraz Farooq17 kun oldin
  • I am a beast on this game I have the indominus 😎

    Isaiah SmithIsaiah Smith17 kun oldin
  • Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhi

    Mary SaffordMary Safford17 kun oldin
  • kev is the best

  • Love you kev you videos are fire and you should ask for more likes cause you definitely deserve it

    yvonne Josephyvonne Joseph17 kun oldin
  • Rhinosaurus?!

    LunarLunar17 kun oldin
  • You have 6000

    Sirima PriceSirima Price17 kun oldin
  • You were doing a awesome job! Please do more videos

    XXXGHOUL_GIRL XXXDeath_girlXXXGHOUL_GIRL XXXDeath_girl17 kun oldin
  • go with tiny turtle

    The Kent FamilyThe Kent Family17 kun oldin
  • Put sysy_tate in freinds an BULID mode

    sylas Tatesylas Tate17 kun oldin
  • hi

    Ladainian BrownLadainian Brown17 kun oldin

    Nicholas SimeoneNicholas Simeone17 kun oldin
  • you need snipes for lv 1

    Nicholas SimeoneNicholas Simeone17 kun oldin
  • i can't win agianst lv 1

    Nicholas SimeoneNicholas Simeone17 kun oldin
  • Do do do it

    Levithe poyoboiLevithe poyoboi17 kun oldin
  • u have to play this agian cuz u r a great youtber and this is my fav game


    Levithe poyoboiLevithe poyoboi17 kun oldin
  • yes do wout

    tom habtomtom habtom17 kun oldin
  • Do multiplayer Paz do it GWK come on guys we need multiplayer

    Levithe poyoboiLevithe poyoboi17 kun oldin
  • OMG I WANTED HIM TO PLAY THIS GAME FOR YEARS but he only started to play when i finished playing :(

    random geezerrandom geezer17 kun oldin
  • You shoud play 2 player

    Ava BlackAva Black17 kun oldin
  • I want to play with Kevin

    Andy RuizAndy Ruiz17 kun oldin
  • can you tell me today pls

    Jhensen Mendoza GarciaJhensen Mendoza Garcia17 kun oldin
  • yes

    Faeeza Mahomed AliFaeeza Mahomed Ali17 kun oldin
  • what is your next video can you tell me the name of the game I want to be your friend I play in my sister tablet her name is juleth29 38 pls I played all your games that you played I am the biggest fan!

    Jhensen Mendoza GarciaJhensen Mendoza Garcia17 kun oldin
  • it is a trisaritop

    Levi BrownLevi Brown17 kun oldin
  • fis wjkw

    Pierret DelgadoPierret Delgado17 kun oldin
  • Hey kev I wunt to play

    Gaming with CAlebGaming with CAleb17 kun oldin
  • Play multiplayer

    Jennifer KutiJennifer Kuti17 kun oldin
  • yes

    Sariya HendersonSariya Henderson17 kun oldin
  • Imagine having a video out for a 15 year's and all you get is 2 views 0 likes, and 0 comments

    Jordan playsJordan plays17 kun oldin
  • kev please send me a mesage i fallow you sincie you started because you are great please i want to play with my favorite youtuber please tell me

    Walter OrdoñezWalter Ordoñez17 kun oldin