10-Fev, 2021
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  • Kev can you do more animations

    Roro ThomasRoro Thomas2 kun oldin
  • that one boy; 'are you real'

    jaliyah parksjaliyah parks5 kun oldin
  • If that was me i would fail 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times!!

    sophia salmonsophia salmon5 kun oldin
  • This is like the app

    ChilldudeChilldude7 kun oldin
  • Me:looks at the picture Picture:a guy says wtf Me:UHHHHHH me again: *OMG DOES IT ACTUALLY SAY THAT*

    Thekiddo9000Thekiddo900010 kun oldin
  • Fans getting mad cuz kev steals thumbnailz xd

    The weird GuyThe weird Guy14 kun oldin
  • Kev I think you should stop copying from other people

    김용섭김용섭14 kun oldin
  • I want you and John got a game do a dare

    Amadou KeitaAmadou Keita15 kun oldin
  • Gaming with kev: so we got to have enough blocks to build our bridge short cut. Me: that is smart but you will need 999 blocks to build 1 bridge to the end

    patrickyoungpeterpatrickyoungpeter16 kun oldin
    • Instantly

      patrickyoungpeterpatrickyoungpeter16 kun oldin
  • HEY im suck a big fan

    Eyob KibretEyob Kibret16 kun oldin
  • U cant sing or rap

    Cuzzzin ECuzzzin E17 kun oldin
  • 7 si me

    Robert KelleyRobert Kelley17 kun oldin
  • Who else saw the voodoo made this game

    ACBaller4 BallerACBaller4 Baller18 kun oldin
  • I haven’t watched his videos in 4 years

    Soft orcaSoft orca18 kun oldin
  • I’ve seen this before some where hmmmmmmm strange

    E RatE Rat18 kun oldin
  • she was following other player path so save up hers

    superjjman gamingsuperjjman gaming18 kun oldin
  • I have a ad every 5 seconds

    Jill HartwellJill Hartwell19 kun oldin
  • your the winner Kev!😍🤩and you beat everyone💜💙✌🏼

    S ඞ BS ඞ B19 kun oldin
  • hi kev your my faveret youtuber

    crucialkids crucialcrucialkids crucial19 kun oldin
  • omfg

    Bre JohnsonBre Johnson19 kun oldin
  • You can go on other ppl blocks

    Ashwin SrikanthAshwin Srikanth19 kun oldin
  • stop stealing thumbnails

    Samir AhmadiSamir Ahmadi19 kun oldin
    • he is look up on yt

      Samir AhmadiSamir Ahmadi18 kun oldin
    • he’s not samir

      PepeRoniPepeRoni18 kun oldin
  • Kev turn off the camera

    cel dizoncel dizon19 kun oldin
  • Nice stealing content stupid

    FlamingoFlamingo20 kun oldin
  • I wonder why he copy’s video :/

    AdrianAdrian20 kun oldin
  • Can you do a live stream

    Brilynn HearnBrilynn Hearn20 kun oldin
  • Do the Harley Quinn Obby

    Tighe BarlenTighe Barlen20 kun oldin
  • In roblox o am in gwk family group

    Junior MoscatJunior Moscat20 kun oldin
  • Steal more thumbnails

    armandytarmandyt21 kun oldin
  • I'm I am black... I talk aribik

    Lula GebregzibherLula Gebregzibher21 kun oldin
  • gamingwithkev should be in jail because copying that stuff could end u up in up to 1 year of prison

    Silas Oswald Salgado (Student)Silas Oswald Salgado (Student)21 kun oldin
    • @Jason Voorhees uhh

      Silas Oswald Salgado (Student)Silas Oswald Salgado (Student)18 kun oldin
    • How old are you ?

      Jason VoorheesJason Voorhees18 kun oldin
  • Hi kev I was watching when I was 5 and I'm 7

    gacha life vibegacha life vibe21 kun oldin
  • if you no makey, you no takey.

    unconvinceing gamesunconvinceing games21 kun oldin
  • Stealingwithkev

    GavSvGavSv21 kun oldin
  • You will win:))

    Jason WalusJason Walus21 kun oldin
  • dude I made a vid of this game,5 minutes and I won 1#...

    roblox Jackroblox Jack21 kun oldin
  • Hi

    Minnie MouseMinnie Mouse22 kun oldin
  • weird didn't flamingo play this?

    OwoOwo22 kun oldin
  • stealingwithkev

    MrCatManMrCatMan22 kun oldin
  • this game is based on a real one one phones and tablets

    Paul EtesPaul Etes22 kun oldin
  • 但就是土地纠纷赶火车 v 换个风格

    李思妍李思妍22 kun oldin
  • “The way he said are you real?” at the end, I was like: “no he’s not real he’s just a robot” then my sis just hit me for no reason

    Symphony LebronSymphony Lebron22 kun oldin
  • Go kev go

    Miriam Wilcox-BarsalouMiriam Wilcox-Barsalou22 kun oldin
  • Kev I played this nefore if u can plz can I join us in one vid it's my dream

    gaming with glittergaming with glitter22 kun oldin
  • kevin stop using jen in your videos there rude to Jen and to Jen's fans stop using her avatar and you have a video with Jen sleeping with you how dare you Jen has a boyfriend rude

    Me mMe m22 kun oldin
  • ❤️

    tara boudreauxtara boudreaux23 kun oldin
  • You guys need to stop with all the “stealingwithkev” “he stole it from flamingo” stuff. People can make content with games other creators play; you don’t know if he had the idea first took longer to upload. And they don’t even have similar thumbnails. Seriously stop and if you aren’t okay with people uploading the same stuff, you can get off their Yt channel. Keep uploading anything you want Kev:)

    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔKayleigh Playzʕ•ᴥ•ʔʕ•ᴥ•ʔKayleigh Playzʕ•ᴥ•ʔ23 kun oldin
    • At least he doesn’t steal anymore

      Daniel NaviaDaniel Navia18 kun oldin
    • @XxGacha_M!ntyxX THANK. YOU.

      ʕ•ᴥ•ʔKayleigh Playzʕ•ᴥ•ʔʕ•ᴥ•ʔKayleigh Playzʕ•ᴥ•ʔ22 kun oldin
    • Yeah i mean i dont even watch flamingo but i know kev wouldnt steal!

      XxGacha_M!ntyxXXxGacha_M!ntyxX22 kun oldin
  • Why is your camera off?

    Channy CopelandChanny Copeland23 kun oldin
  • wow you think you are cool crossing other shortcuts WELL THATS FOR CHEATERS I MADE 25 WINS WITHOUT GOING TO OTHER PEOPLE SHORTCUT

    Ethan MaculadaEthan Maculada23 kun oldin
  • Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    ΚSIΚSI23 kun oldin
  • U guys spend ur quality time hating on him

    Call of Duty SweatCall of Duty Sweat23 kun oldin

      Kuron King JrKuron King Jr23 kun oldin
  • Stealing With Kev

    Real Breach ꪜReal Breach ꪜ23 kun oldin
  • 3

    Jayden VillanuevaJayden Villanueva23 kun oldin
  • 2

    Jayden VillanuevaJayden Villanueva23 kun oldin
  • 1

    Jayden VillanuevaJayden Villanueva23 kun oldin
  • This i was playing

    Shan ShanShan Shan23 kun oldin
  • 😡😡😡😡

    Wanda SantosWanda Santos23 kun oldin
  • You need to stop steeling other art and you need to be ban for steeling

    Saba MengistuSaba Mengistu23 kun oldin
  • stop stealing thumnails

    lil_tolslil_tols24 kun oldin
  • “Stealingwithkev” -SharkBlox

    Rosie _Rosie _24 kun oldin
  • doue

    Melody LangMelody Lang24 kun oldin
  • Bro stop stealing UZworldrs work. It's not COOL.

    GameForcesGameForces24 kun oldin
    • @Jason Voorhees First, not every youtuber steals work. Second, more than 50% of videos are original.

      GameForcesGameForces18 kun oldin
    • Every youtuber steals work nothing is original

      Jason VoorheesJason Voorhees18 kun oldin
  • Sad days sad days for kev

    Natalia HelmstetterNatalia Helmstetter24 kun oldin
  • Blah blah

  • Oh I see he bad word say “WTF”

    DragonDragon24 kun oldin
  • omg I miss your vids I couldn't watch before because my wifi expired :) I miss your channel so much!

    Nso DaBossNso DaBoss24 kun oldin
  • Me can bo ti

    Sue LewisSue Lewis24 kun oldin
  • Hi I just wanted to say Yes u may be stealing thumbnails which is BAD but I just wanted to say u have gotten a lot of hate and I just wanted to say yes U may deserve it in a way but I feel bad that ur getting so much I understand it’s bad but I fell REAL bad that ur getting so MUCH and I feel like it’s a bit much 😞 And I hope this is not effecting u in any harm or any way Hope ur doin good

    InkyInky24 kun oldin
  • I dont watching GamingWithKev or like him but everyone saying how he uploaded this close to when flamingo did upload his vid on this but flamingos vid is 3 weeks ago and alot of youtubers made a vid on this like sketch

    Pekeer FamilyPekeer Family24 kun oldin
  • flamingo copier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *_*sunflower sam*_**_*sunflower sam*_*24 kun oldin
  • hi

    Tiara TownsendTiara Townsend24 kun oldin
  • coo

    Daniel Jr AdjeiDaniel Jr Adjei24 kun oldin
  • I love your videos they’re so fun to watch🥳🤩😍😘

    Mynia HobbsMynia Hobbs24 kun oldin
  • this man should be sued (no offence) just saying stolen thumbnails and ideas

    Mr.YingYangMr.YingYang24 kun oldin
    • How you basically saying every one else that played this game should be sued cause “ThEy StOle ViDeO iDeAs FrOm FlAmInGo” like that now how this works I think your just hating on him because he can’t play the same game.

      ExripticExriptic18 kun oldin
  • Did you try to jump to there XD🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Moevasa FiameMoevasa Fiame24 kun oldin
  • hi am your fan

    Shaniyah SmithShaniyah Smith24 kun oldin
  • i love ur to which u gameing with kev gang

    Lewis DennisLewis Dennis24 kun oldin
  • inmagein if you had that many pizas

    Courtney AllenCourtney Allen24 kun oldin
  • CREEPY!! I just played this

    JakeyJGamesJakeyJGames24 kun oldin
  • wow oh shittttttttttttttt i forgot to play with u yesterday kev😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

    Sanvi MishraSanvi Mishra24 kun oldin
  • bye stealing with kev

    RAZ KENZRAZ KENZ24 kun oldin
  • I unlike just to Like

    Quincey14Quincey1424 kun oldin
  • Did he literally put gamingwithjen there because it matches your gamingwithkev

    shock nameblastshock nameblast24 kun oldin
  • stealingwithkev make ur own thumbnails bruh don’t steal them why are u in the bloxy awards just why!

    Aix_lolAix_lol24 kun oldin
    • He doesnt make the thumbnails he even said so in his old videos he hires someone then he uploads it and moves on

      Jason VoorheesJason Voorhees18 kun oldin
  • This was flaimngos content...

    Shonosuke OyaShonosuke Oya24 kun oldin
    • How you basically saying every one else that played this game should be sued cause “ThEy StOle ViDeO iDeAs FrOm FlAmInGo” like that now how this works I think your just hating on him because he can’t play the same game.

      ExripticExriptic18 kun oldin
  • I have played this game

    Retta BRetta B24 kun oldin
  • Hello gaming with scam

    Defaultyboy0592Defaultyboy059224 kun oldin
  • i was laughing when he said ez like bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh kev a savage

    Khiona LusterKhiona Luster24 kun oldin
  • I are the best my name is shadowforses890

  • stealingwithkev

    6760C6760C25 kun oldin
  • Hi stealing with Kev, do you like stealing from Albert? hope you don’t

    Noah's GalaxyNoah's Galaxy25 kun oldin
  • Stop hating on kev

    Cinnamon Toast DepluxCinnamon Toast Deplux25 kun oldin
  • kev add me on robox

    moe Cartermoe Carter25 kun oldin
  • I watch this on February 11 right before you made it

    Darrell JordanDarrell Jordan25 kun oldin
    • That is cool

      Darrell JordanDarrell Jordan25 kun oldin
  • I’m a new subscriber love you vids tho- I did not know I didn’t sub

    xxgalaxyxx_queeniefallowmexxgalaxyxx_queeniefallowme25 kun oldin
  • stop stealing thumbnails

    Gabriel SarmientoGabriel Sarmiento25 kun oldin
    • Not just thumbnails content also

      ZeroOutZeroOut25 kun oldin
  • Wow this is so funny lol

    Golden Treasure•15 years agoGolden Treasure•15 years ago25 kun oldin
  • Give me robux please

    Gemini EvafaithfulGemini Evafaithful25 kun oldin
  • It’s exactly like the actual Apple game!!!!! 😮

    LuckyLucky25 kun oldin
  • Unrulyash123

    Gemini EvafaithfulGemini Evafaithful25 kun oldin