22-Fev, 2021
193 192 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • Kev can you play hole simulator

    Rosalia ColeRosalia ColeKun oldin
  • There is not a lot of snow here

    Rosalia ColeRosalia ColeKun oldin
  • Me and my family lived in California and it's sunny doesn't rain too much and never snows here

    Jay AdameJay AdameKun oldin
  • My high score is 32000

    Matty2BloxMatty2Blox2 kun oldin
  • Sanny

    Ezra TendyEzra Tendy3 kun oldin
  • Rain

    Michael ReynoldsMichael Reynolds4 kun oldin
  • Can someone plz tell me why is granny outside it the cold weather

    Kerwyn MalcolmKerwyn Malcolm4 kun oldin
  • Am from south Africa we get rain sun ad sometimes ice

    Kerwyn MalcolmKerwyn Malcolm4 kun oldin
  • My is Sunny

    Anson OoiAnson Ooi4 kun oldin
  • I m sunny

    Kenneth Brian hartonoKenneth Brian hartono4 kun oldin
  • It it is cold

    Rasheedah MuhammadRasheedah Muhammad6 kun oldin
  • Co

    Rasheedah MuhammadRasheedah Muhammad6 kun oldin
  • "2:21" My older brother used this, to get 20K of *rbx* ` 𝗥𝗢𝗕𝗖𝗬𝗡𝗢.𝗢𝗡𝗟𝗜𝗡𝗘 କମ୍ପ୍ୟୁଟର କୀବୋର୍ଡ୍ ୱାଚ୍ ଡ୍ରାଗନ୍ ସାର୍କ |

    friskfrisk6 kun oldin
  • Its sunny

    Hen drik54MHen drik54M8 kun oldin
  • It’s acc sunny in the uk for a change 😂

    Keirah BarnorKeirah Barnor8 kun oldin
  • "8:40" My older brother used this, to get 49K of *rbx* '- 𝗥𝗢𝗕𝗖𝗬𝗡𝗢.𝗢𝗡𝗟𝗜𝗡𝗘 କ୍ଷେତରେ ସବୁଜ ଘାସ |

    Ross SmithRoss Smith8 kun oldin
  • Sine☀️

  • "8:12" My older brother used this, to get 41K of *rbx* '- 𝗥𝗢𝗕𝗖𝗬𝗡𝗢.𝗢𝗡𝗟𝗜𝗡𝗘 କମଳା ଚକୋଲେଟ୍ ଆଇସ୍କ୍ରିମ୍ କ୍ଷୀର |

    TRacigotoTRacigoto9 kun oldin
  • I live in Canada

    jullian longleyjullian longley9 kun oldin
  • It’s a a supper blizzard

    jullian longleyjullian longley9 kun oldin
  • Ruj

    Jummon KhanJummon Khan9 kun oldin
  • Hey kev i love your videos

    Jummon KhanJummon Khan9 kun oldin
  • Sunny like a sunflower

    Mohamed ElmuizMohamed Elmuiz10 kun oldin
  • Mine is Snow

    aiden zhangaiden zhang10 kun oldin
  • Can you Play roblox vacation story with me tomorrow plz

    Angelica WilkinsAngelica Wilkins10 kun oldin
  • Sunny

    A&W AdventuresA&W Adventures10 kun oldin
    • a little snowy

      Jim PaschkeJim Paschke9 kun oldin
  • I live in California

    Lupita ValenciaLupita Valencia11 kun oldin
    • Well I live in California so I can meet gaming with kev in California

      Lupita ValenciaLupita Valencia10 kun oldin
    • Ok what does that have to do with the video

      X-man 37X-man 3710 kun oldin
  • It’s warm but kind of snowing

    Gisele and Yaneli raglandGisele and Yaneli ragland11 kun oldin
  • Snowy

    Xzandes BumpersXzandes Bumpers11 kun oldin
  • Wow

    Ayeyahzee Santana JimenezAyeyahzee Santana Jimenez11 kun oldin
  • Snow

    Brittney JonesBrittney Jones11 kun oldin
  • Snow

    Jen SiroverJen Sirover11 kun oldin
  • gaming with Kev how do you get all the robucks

    Emily GreenEmily Green11 kun oldin
  • Hi

    Mr OzendeedledorfMr Ozendeedledorf11 kun oldin
  • Can you add me on Roblox my nick name is campbald and it has a red and black baseball cap with a white shirt

    Chris AsburyChris Asbury11 kun oldin
  • Sunny , cold,warm and raning

    Varshin GovenderVarshin Govender11 kun oldin
  • Duma

    kind girlkind girl11 kun oldin
  • Duuu

    kind girlkind girl11 kun oldin
  • You Are the best youtuber

    Roberto Carlos JaimesRoberto Carlos Jaimes11 kun oldin
  • Sunny

    Patricia BarrientosPatricia Barrientos11 kun oldin
  • It summer and sometime raining

    Jamaludin AhamedJamaludin Ahamed11 kun oldin
  • Snow

    Mark LofgrenMark Lofgren11 kun oldin
  • How to dance in roblox

    DelanoWilliamsDelanoWilliams11 kun oldin
  • It is Snowing for me

    Christian CollierChristian Collier11 kun oldin
  • Sunny so much cause I was in London now I am in france

    Hammoud Nait KaciHammoud Nait Kaci11 kun oldin
  • Me to not snowing it rining

    Moussa CamaraMoussa Camara11 kun oldin
  • And I wish we did I would put my face in it

    Kylie Does thingsKylie Does things11 kun oldin
  • And we never get snow never

    Kylie Does thingsKylie Does things11 kun oldin
  • It’s sunny I live in Georgia

    Kylie Does thingsKylie Does things11 kun oldin
  • YAY another video yay thx kev

    Kylie Does thingsKylie Does things11 kun oldin
  • nvm

    PeskyBirdPeskyBird12 kun oldin
  • its sunny right now i'm from the Philippines

    azi quilandrinoazi quilandrino12 kun oldin
  • It’s really snowy where I live and I like to have snowball fights they’re really fun!

    Scarlet StraleyScarlet Straley12 kun oldin
  • Ik

    Jessie JacoboJessie Jacobo12 kun oldin
  • I live in Canada and the weather is still snowing right now

    Gavy PrtapGavy Prtap12 kun oldin
  • Amen 🙏🏾 😂

    Daniel PlaysDaniel Plays12 kun oldin
  • I play every game u just uploaded!

    Melai RubianoMelai Rubiano12 kun oldin
  • It’s snowing

    Daniel PlaysDaniel Plays12 kun oldin
  • And u should play brookheaven! It is so fun! And give my boy some luv and sub!

    Melai RubianoMelai Rubiano12 kun oldin
  • Kev. I am your BIG FAN

    Melai RubianoMelai Rubiano12 kun oldin
  • cilly

    Rodrick HaleRodrick Hale12 kun oldin
  • This was a awesome gameplay gaming with kev

    Marvens St vilienMarvens St vilien12 kun oldin
  • yay

    Pancho PanterasPancho Panteras12 kun oldin
  • hi

    Michael GonzalezMichael Gonzalez12 kun oldin
  • You have a humongous snowball

    Sameel syedSameel syed12 kun oldin
  • It’s snowing here

    donte pattondonte patton12 kun oldin
  • In New York it’s been cold, snowy, and sunny at the same time

    NevaBasic LiaNevaBasic Lia12 kun oldin
    • @Ryzuki. vsdawrld Mmk

      NevaBasic LiaNevaBasic LiaKun oldin
    • We care

      Ryzuki. vsdawrldRyzuki. vsdawrldKun oldin
  • Its chilly but sunny

    Analisa HollowayAnalisa Holloway12 kun oldin
  • my is sunny

  • It is very sunny 😎😊

    L'z NuniesL'z Nunies12 kun oldin
  • Sunny

    Michelle LutkenhausMichelle Lutkenhaus12 kun oldin
  • I. Like snow ⛄️

    John E. Restituyo MartinezJohn E. Restituyo Martinez12 kun oldin
  • I love cold

    watching videos and talking about my brotherwatching videos and talking about my brother12 kun oldin
  • I like your videos

    Minal ShahMinal Shah12 kun oldin
  • I live in Arizona it’s sunny it’s hot

    Briana CandelarioBriana Candelario12 kun oldin
  • Sun

    Imarian ScottImarian Scott12 kun oldin
  • Snow

    Queen KaylahQueen Kaylah12 kun oldin
  • It's snow here

    Harmoni BrownHarmoni Brown12 kun oldin
  • Sun

    emily escamillaemily escamilla12 kun oldin
  • sunny, (No snow in Nigeria) :(

    Nso DaBossNso DaBoss12 kun oldin
  • It’s snowing

    The BealsThe Beals12 kun oldin
  • sunny

    Fabian EdwardsFabian Edwards12 kun oldin
  • Hello thief and stealer:/

    ZzedZzed12 kun oldin
  • sunny

    Landus GarrisLandus Garris12 kun oldin
  • snowing

    Seynabourt4 j SarrSeynabourt4 j Sarr12 kun oldin
    • 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

      Tmanfortnit ColemanTmanfortnit Coleman12 kun oldin
  • Wow that is so nice game

    master ocloymaster ocloy12 kun oldin
  • wow

    Christian CollierChristian Collier12 kun oldin
  • Winter

    Elizabeth LesterElizabeth Lester12 kun oldin
  • but i dont have robux

    Luke TorresLuke Torres12 kun oldin
  • It sunny and rainy and snowy

    Shauna-lee BarnettShauna-lee Barnett12 kun oldin
  • i love playing roblox beacause my cousin see

    Luke TorresLuke Torres12 kun oldin
  • try playing [NEW!] Pet Tycoon🐶 (btw i pasted the name) Edit: i put it bc the creator has ur avatar in the picture so they want u to play

    قناة عونقناة عون12 kun oldin

    dionveek mojicadionveek mojica12 kun oldin
  • sometimes it rain sometimes is suny

    Nicholo PahilangaNicholo Pahilanga12 kun oldin
  • GUAM. Is. Hot

    Tracy Grace VelayoTracy Grace Velayo13 kun oldin
  • Sunny

    Clint IsaacClint Isaac13 kun oldin
    • 0:7 we get our 1700 ᖇOᗷᑌ᙭ I only from:𝕣𝕠𝕓𝕦𝕩𝕘𝕒𝕥𝕖.𝕦𝕤 ⚙

      Sukoshi mijikai baraSukoshi mijikai bara13 kun oldin
  • Snowy❄️🌊

    BruhPlayz86 LOLLYBruhPlayz86 LOLLY13 kun oldin
  • im going to unavirsal studeioes in thesummer

    Legend PrewittLegend Prewitt13 kun oldin
  • It's uhhh pretty hot

    lordgotgames1234lordgotgames123413 kun oldin
  • Same I'm from California it has been a little chilly

    Kevin MealerKevin Mealer13 kun oldin